Insulation is one of the most cost-effective home improvement investments you can make in your home or building. At NorthEast Spray Insulation, we offer a variety of insulation types to effectively insulate all areas, improve comfort and increase energy efficiency in your Scarborough home for years to come!

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Expert Insulation Services for Your Scarborough Home or Business

The skilled insulation installers at NorthEast Spray Insulation offer these products and services:

  • Spray foam insulation services: We offer both closed- and open-cell spray foam for use in specific areas of your home or building. Open-cell spray foam insulation works well in above-grade parts of the structure. Closed-cell insulation provides ideal insulation for humid or moist areas and offers the highest thermal resistance (R-value) per inch of professionally applied product. It can be used throughout the home or building, providing maximum insulation where space is tight.
  • Cellulose insulation services: NorthEast Spray Insulation installs recycled cellulose insulation in blown-in or dense-packed formats. Our team installs blown cellulose in larger open spaces, such as your attic, using proper air sealing practices to ensure it provides lasting insulation value. We use dense-packed cellulose within walls and sloped ceilings in new construction, and we can place it under siding in existing homes. Cellulose is 85% recycled and treated for fire resistance.
  • Fiberglass insulation services: Fiberglass batts are a low-cost insulation option for thermal resistance and noise reduction in new construction or existing structures. Made from at least 50% recycled content, our fiberglass batting is formaldehyde-free. When correctly installed, fiberglass insulation stays securely in place to provide long-term thermal insulation. We typically use R-11 to R-21 for metal frame and wood frame construction, and R-19 to R-49 for floors and cathedral ceilings.
  • Mineral fiber insulation services: Mineral fiber batting is excellent insulation for new construction and anywhere superior sound damping is desired. Mineral wool insulation is both water-repellant and extremely fire-resistant, offering added protection and safety for your home or building in R-values from 15 to 30.
  • Insulation for existing homes:  We provide complete insulation services for local Scarborough homeowners, including installing insulation, adding extra insulation and/or replacing old insulation that is inadequate or damaged.
  • Insulation for new construction: As experienced insulation contractors, we provide quick, efficient insulation installation for local builders across Scarborough and surrounding areas of Maine.

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Why Choose NorthEast Spray Insulation in Scarborough?

As a family-owned small business, the team at NorthEast Spray Insulation takes great pride in providing the best insulation installation services for the Scarborough community. We can recommend the best type of insulation for your needs and budget!

We install your insulation quickly and safely, protecting your family from insulation dust and debris. Our expert insulation services make your home or business more comfortable, quiet and energy-efficient, while saving you money on your future energy costs.

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