Mineral Fiber Insulation in Maine

Insulation is a key factor of the energy efficiency and performance of any home in Westbrook or the surrounding areas. It helps to keep your home cozy and warm in the frigid Maine winters, and it keeps cooling costs under control during the peak of summer.

Mineral fiber insulation is made from natural stone and recycled wool fibers (material). Fibers are non-directional (uni-directional) rather than woven fibers.

This environmentally friendly product is dense enough to keep out street noise, and it also improves your home’s fire safety while repelling water. If you are looking to insulate your home the “green “ way, high-quality mineral fiber from Rockwool is our recommendation.

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Ideal Uses for Stone Wool Insulation

You can use mineral insulation from Rockwool in nearly any room in your home — virtually anywhere you want to increase comfort, save energy, and enjoy its noise reduction and fire-resistant properties.

Some of the best places to use it include:

  • Home theaters
  • Kid’s playroom
  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Laundry room

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Benefits of Rockwool Insulation Products

Rockwool insulation, when properly installed, offers many advantages for homes and buildings. Rockwool produces insulation products with extra qualities that homeowners and commercial buildings appreciate—such as noise reduction and fire resistance. Rockwool insulation is used to reduce the noise at large airports, while its fire resistance makes it popular for use in apartments and office buildings. Finally, the material is planet-friendly.

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What’s the Difference Between Mineral Fiber and Fiberglass?

Mineral Fiber Insulation FAQs

What is the R-value of mineral wool insulation?

The thermal resistance of mineral fiber insulation runs from R-15 to R-30. Our team can advise you which value is best for specific areas of your home.

Is mineral wool insulation safe?

Yes — and, in fact, it is fire-resistant, so it can be protective for your home and family, delaying the spread of fire. The WHO (World Health Organization) declared an early version of mineral wool to be cancer-causing; but the industry made changes to the product and the WHO declassified it as a carcinogen in 2002. However, you should always wear a dust mask when handling or cutting up any kind of insulation, including fiberglass and mineral fiber. We recommend you let the experts handle these products.

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